Pole practice with post-production pan and zoom

With this project I wanted to add movement to the video with panning and zooming. Since I was filming myself I had to apply these animations with the editing software. I shot the video with my Lumix FZ200 and edited with Movie Maker. I don’t need fancy equipment just yet! I’m learning there is a fine balance between the pan and zoom and the transitions to make the video look seamless. I focused on my position in relation to the shot and the direction I was going.  For the transitions I stuck to blur from black and cross-fade.

I found the song “Moonlight Reprise” by Kai Engel from Free Music Archive. I properly attributed the author (I think I did it right) in the YouTube info section. This whole copyright and Creative Commons stuff is new to me so I’m always excited when I get to put it to practice. The song is soft, beautiful and a little sad so I couldn’t help but to add a blue filter to cool the temperature of the video. I feel its my first artsy pole video!

As for my pole dancing. I’m getting a little nervous because for the past couple months I’ve been going to a pole studio practicing on brass poles. For me, brass offers better grip than stainless-steel, which is what my pole at home is. When practicing on my home pole I felt that my grip is slippery and I’ve lost a lot of my confidence on it. I’ve got to practice more to get used to it again. Practice practice practice!

I hope you enjoy the video…Mom! ;-)



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